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At 21:10 on December 13, Beijing time, 2200 million TRX were transferred from poloniex exchange to an unknown wallet beginning with ttxeve, worth about US $64.44 million. The trading hash was as follows:According to coindesk on December 12, the main netwo

4. The acting director of OCC in the United States said that the payment charter is ready and more encrypted banks will be launched.According to the official announcement of fire currency contract, the fire currency contract was officially launched at 14:

According to the report issued by jakubcech, director of project of iota foundation in GitHub on November 19, the main network of iota failed from 03:45 to 20:37 on November 13, Beijing time. The root cause was confirmed to be related to infrastructure an

1. Historically low interest rates. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed that in the foreseeable future, we can expect interest rates close to zero, which will have a negative impact on investors fixed income portfolio in bonds and treasury bo

The comprehensive strength has been in the forefront of the industry. In particular, the star product Youdun wallet is a global leading enterprise level digital asset management system. It redefines the digital asset wallet with safe and perfect technolog

Wave network The market showed that eth rose slightly, breaking through 600usdt, setting a new high in the day. 25usdt, down 0.08% in 24 hours.IO Tiantian financial management No.51 BTC lock up financing (7 days), the total amount is 100 BTC, th

Bitwise asset management announced that its 10 crypto index fund is now open to U.S. investors as a publicly traded cryptocurrency index fund, according to coindesk. The trading code of 10cryptoindexfund in the OTC market is bitw. The fund will track 10 l

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