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In France, the current mandatory registration rules only apply to cryptocurrency to the French currency exchange and cryptocurrency trustee. Sources said the main reason for the proposed stricter measures was the recent terrorist attacks in France.The mob

According to golden fruit data, in the past hour, okex has a total of 5.1749 million U.S. dollars; firecoin global station has a total of 11.7082 million U.S. dollars; coin an has a total of 31.0534 million US dollars; and the bitmex platform BTC perpetua

Therefore, their tax treatment is relatively uniform. At the same time, cryptocurrency trading is a form of speech, so states where freedom of speech is protected are least likely to restrict cryptocurrency. Although the United States is facing many major

Airbnb had previously said it had no plans to accept bitcoin as a means of payment, but that was before the company hired the team of encryption service changeip in 2016.On November 21, marcvander chijs, co-founder of, tweeted: PayPal currently

The defi protocol Akropolis team sent an open letter to hackers, hoping that they would return the funds and offer a $200000 vulnerability reward.Sponsored by Kaiyuan mining pool and huoqian, and jointly sponsored by golden computing cloud, chain up and f

Index analysis: bitcoin remained high yesterday and rebounded again after testing 18900 in the morning. From the hour level point of view, the market in the brin belt in the middle track operation, MACD fast and slow line golden fork upward running, KDJ t

Oassnetwork, a blockchain privacy computing platform, officially launched its main network at about 1:00 on November 19, Beijing time. It is reported that oasis will launch rose, a native online token, on the occasion of its main online line. The circulat

It allows assets to be freely transferred between Ethereums layer 2 network (including zkrollup) and fragments of eth2, and even other public chains (compatible with EVM), without waiting for a long exit time. At the same time, the protocol simplifies the

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