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According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI) statistics, as of the end of 2017, the total assets of pension funds in 22 major countries around the world were approximately US$41.4 trillion. Pension funds in many countries consider cryptocurrency as an alternative investment strategy (Alternative Investment Strategy). According to the Fairfax retirement system statement, in the asset allocation of the police pension plan, cryptocurrency accounts for 0.8%,Chinese Bitcoin and the proportion of cryptocurrency in the employee pension plan is 0.3%.

According to news on August 8, Xue Manzi recently stated in an audio program that the possibility of a miracle on the blockchain in a short period of time is unlikely, and the bear market will last for a long time. For real changes to occur, killer applications must appear. The essence of transaction is to tie the interests of users and project parties together. It seems that this model will be more and more. The more backward the place is, the more likely it is for the blockchain to overtake on a curve. Entrepreneurs must be patient to create value from the underlying technology.

The high-leverage contract market will undoubtedly reveal the enthusiasm. The total transaction volume of various term contracts on BitMEX has soared from USD 800 million to USD 1 billion in early March to USD 14 billion on June 27. The daily trading volume has doubled by 10 times. Above, the total open interest has rapidly increased from $600 million to the level of $1.2 billion, and the total open interest has more than doubled in just one quarter.

In this regard, Coinbase stated that it delayed transactions for the sake of customer transaction safety, and will open CoinbasePro and CoinbasePrime to a limited extent. CoinbasePro is very similar to, and its target users are experienced traders. CoinbasePrime is specifically aimed at institutional investors.

Blockbeats previously introduced in the article "Cryptocurrency Cross-border Remittances Quietly Gained 15% Market Share, But This Is Not Enough": In 2018, the global remittance scale was 616 billion U.S. dollars, assuming 18% of global remittances The amount is completed through cryptocurrency, and the global cryptocurrency remittance market will reach a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Q1: Everyone would like to know how the current mining industry has changed from the time of the white paper. You can briefly talk about your views on mining service companies such as Bit Deer, Hash Guardian, and Ant Sentinel, and their respective roles in the ecology. In your opinion, whChinese Bitcoinere are the future development opportunities of the mining ecology?

The second is the launch of Ripple (XRP). Ripple is the only universal currency (special token) in the Ripple system. In the Ripple system, if it is not converted into Ripple, it is difficult to transfer or withdraw funds across gateways. Other currencies such as CNY and USD cannot be withdrawn across gateways. The CNY issued by gateway A can only be withdrawn at gateway A. If you want to withdraw at gateway B, you must use the order function of the Ripple system to convert to the CNY of gateway B before you can withdraw at gateway B. Ripple coin has no restrictions in this respect at all. It is universal in the Ripple system and is an intermediate exchange between various currencies, which can circulate freely between any gateways. Another function of Ripple is to apply blockchain technology to prevent spam request attacks and ensure the safe operation of the system.

Bitcoin has gradually been recognized as a store of value asset with the ability to fight inflation. As a smart contract platform, Ethereum was recently proposed by Joe Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, as a "global financial settlement layer."

For all developers on the mainnet, there is no real Constantinople, only Petersberg...Technically speaking, there are two conditions in the code. One theory is that Constantinople was activated in block 7,280,000, and Petersberg was also activated in the same block. It will take precedence over'Constantinople' and immediately replace it.