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Not only that, in the context of frequent security incidents such as theft of digital currency and leakage of user privacy information in major exchanges around the world, the Dobby team paid special attention to the security of platformBitcoin mining blog transactions at the beginning of its establishment. Leading security companies have established long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation, and have been committed to providing the most secure, convenient and professional currency transaction and legal currency transaction services for global users.

When the company is organized to a certain extent, even a company with deep roots like the Morgan Consortium cannot avoid the fate of being split. Every country already has anti-monopoly laws, the purpose of which is to prevent companies from being infinitely large. And just last year, the European Union also imposed a fine of $5 billion on Google, which is the largest antitrust fine in history.

The most direct factor leading to the new high of bitcoin prices is the supply and demand relationship of bitcoin transactions. The second-level influencing factors are directly related to Bitcoin transactions. For example, Singapore and Hong Kong have recently approved compliant encrypted digital currency transaction services. Institutional investors and high-net-worth customers in these two regions can participate in bitcoin transactions in a legal manner. In the US market, CME plans to launch futures trading based on Ethereum next year. PayPal recently started to provide its users with bitcoin trading services. In addition, the increase in Bitcoin holdings by various mainstream financial institutions is also a further recognition of Bitcoin. The above factors all make the market expect a large amount of funds to flow into the Bitcoin trading market, thus pushing Bitcoin to a record high. Moreover, the rapid growth of Bitcoin prices this time is fundamentally different from the growth in 2017. The growth factors that led to this time include a more friendly regulatory environment, a more stable market infrastructure and the entry of institutional investors. The increase in 2017 was mainly the result of retail users' speculation in the market. So this time the growth has a more solid foundation. Although the price trend of Bitcoin will still fluctuate sharply in the future, its growth trend is certain.

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The compliance variable of the T0ken contract points to a compliance contract whose current address is 0x0e108767F1C207a5A045aC67D488b3447e7E0eae (not open source), and can also be replaced by setCompliance(). The Compliance contract provides two functions: freezing the address and setting transfer rules. Token's transfer() and transferFrom() will execute the canTransfer() function of the Compliance contract before each call. If the rule check fails, the transfer is prohibited. Since the contract is not open source, and it is not clear how the specific rules are determined, it is likely to be used to prevent investors from transferring tokens to non-qualified investors.

It can be seen from the assets held by DCG that Silbert has also bought a lot of new tokens. In addition to Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, BitcoinGold, ETC, and Zcash, DCG also holds Bitcoin mining blognew currencies such as Blockstack, Civic, Colu, Decentraland, Filecoin, OpenANX, and UnikoinGold.

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