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For example, last Thursday, the cryptocurrency trading and lending company Genesis strategically acquired Vo1t and became a prime broker providing full-service services. Recently, San Francisco-based trading platform Coinbase acquired TaBitcoin price based on coinbasegomi, the prime broker of digital assets, in order to expand its institutional trading services.

From the perspective of application scenarios, there are many problems in the industrial ecology of smart contracts based on a pure public chain, especially in the difficulty of identity authentication, and the information on the chain relies on a single point of information source, which makes it difficult for public blockchains to move towards real business. Scenes. Compared with the public chain, the design of the alliance chain is more suitable for actual business scenarios.

According to data from DappRadar, 15 of the top 20 EOSD apps are gaming Dapps, accounting for 75%, contributing 78% of daily activity and 83% of transaction volume. In DappRadar, the gambling Dapp is marked in red (Gambling on a red background and white characters), so looking down along the category column, the eyes are all red.

MakerDao is an encrypted token-collateralized stablecoin. It is issued through the Ethereum smart contract platform and uses the collateralized debt position system (CDPs) to support and stabilize the value of Dai (its native stablecoin). The governance model in MakerDao is implemented through MKR tokens. MKR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain (the same as other tokens in the Maker ecosystem), and it has governance rights over the Maker smart contract. MKR holders can choose a valid proposal-the smart contract that can edit the Maker platform. The proposal can take two forms:

BitcoinCore is the most stable and its version has the best availability. BTC generally refuses to use a hard fork to upgrade the protocol, but uses a soft fork to upgrade the protocol. In this way, except for the mining pool, other users generally do not need to update the BitcoinCore node software. Very early versions can be used. This kind of stability saves a lot of labor for enterprises and also brings reliable predictability to entrepreneurs on BTC.

Overstock reported that crypto base sales tripled in the first half of 2018. According to the website, furniture and laptops are the top choices for buying with cryptocurrency. How will the setbacks encountered by Bitcoin affect the confidencBitcoin price based on coinbasee of businesses and consumers in the use of Bitcoin? We will wait and see.

Ge Yuesheng stated that Matrixport will use its company's relationship and expertise with Bitmain to meet the needs of crypto miners. Bitmain still occupies the number one strategic partner on the Matrixport website, and other strategic partners such as, ANTPOOL, and BITDEER are also companies in the Bitmain ecosystem.