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The root of BCH's current divergence lies in the conflict of ideas, which explains why such fierce conflicts broke out in the community when the version conflicts were not big, the line differences were not urgent, and the economic coHow long has Bitcoin been aroundnflicts of interest were not obvious. Because both parties have lofty ideals and huge interests in BCH, the other party's wrong ideas cannot be allowed to dominate the ecology. As a result, differences of ideas lead to fierce power struggles. We will continue the analysis in the next article.

When I was arrested and thrown into prison, for the first time in my life I faced an opponent in a real battle. The prosecution wanted to take my life, as I knew it. They want to (and still do) keep me in a cage forever. I found myself in an unfamiliar battlefield, and my opponent had all the advantages. Initially being held in a detention center was like fighting underwater. Most of my energy was spent on daily survival and dealing with prison bureaucracy.

Garlinghouse graduated from Harvard University, worked at Yahoo, held a number of positions (including the position of senior vice president), and also served as AOL's president of consumer applications. Garlinghouse has also served on the boards of, TonicHealth, and Animoto.

The proponent of Bitcoin Cash, the "big blockist", regards the block size limit as an artificial limit maintained in the form of consensus rules through a central planning mechanism. Many people prefer that miners choose the block size they are willing to create based on market conditions. This is the case with other blockchain projects. For example, Ethereum can vote to adjust the gas limit, which is similar to the block size of Bitcoin and is a certain factor for each block.

Remittance is another matter. Mazzola said: Qbita is the perfect platform for handling remittances. If we compare Qbita to Western Union, a Cuban-American sends $100 from the United States to his wife in Holguin, she will receive about 95 Cuban pesos. [Remarks: 1 U.S. dollar ≈ 1 Cuban peso at the time of writing]

On August 16, CSW and nChain announced the creation of BitcoinSV, with the goal of restoring the original Bitcoin protocol. Since then, the mining power of CoinGeek and BMG, which supports CSW, has grown rapidly. On August 22, CSW began to attack Wormhole, Wu Jihan, ABC, and Yang Haipo, claiming that they supported shortened block time, graphene, weak blocks, pre-consensus, CTOR, CDS, etc., all for the purpose of implementing the wormhole protocol Their self-interest, attacking ABC as the new CorHow long has Bitcoin been arounde, and propagating that ABC’s 0.18 upgrade is a fork of BCH supported by Wu Jihan and others, and they will use computing power to defeat this fork attempt. On August 29, nChain released the Alpha version of BitcoinSV.

TRALaw (the company represents the Indian cryptocurrency exchange and the Supreme Court to file a complaint.) Managing partner Anirudh Rastogi (Anirudh Rastogi) said: One of the main points raised in the complaint is: before issuing notice, and There is no consultation with stakeholders, and this is exactly what the latest order does.