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Both BSV and BCH have very large blocks, especially BSV, which is increasingly filled with OP_RETURN transactions. If adopted as a data storage blockchain,Bitcoin mining pool list the increased block size of BSV and BCH would be useful, but from the current goal of being used as a medium of exchange, this does not seem to be a relevant factor.

To put it plainly, the agent is to help with KYC: to help the buyer (seller) understand the other party's general identity and background, and evaluate whether the buyer really has the corresponding purchasing power, or whether the seller really has that many coins. "Because this market is full of all kinds of scammers who use the guise of buying and selling coins to achieve other purposes, such as information arbitrage," said Xu Jia, an over-the-counter trading veteran.

The third section talks about the timestamp server, which adds a timestamp to the transaction and signature in the second section to form a chain data structure, and each timestamp contains the previous transaction in its hash value The timestamp of the chain is formed, and each new timestamp on the chain has the effect of the time stamp before it is enhanced, thus forming the basic framework structure of the blockchain.

Another reason why Bitcoin is so valuable is its built-in security. The data on the blockchain is anonymous and encrypted. This does not mean that digital forensics companies will ultimately be unable to disclose some transaction details, but the data is still anonymous. It is almost impossible to counterfeit Bitcoin. Historically, counterfeiting dollars has been a long-standing problem, but counterfeiting dollars with Bitcoin will require taking over most of the network. Bitcoin also uses SHA-256 encryption, and it applies this layer of encryption twice to make it more secure.

Schnorr signature is a digital signature scheme, which has many advantages over the existing ECDSA [47][48]. A side effect of its existence is that any N-of-N [49] and M-of-N multi-signature can be easily made to look like a single signature when included in the blockchain. Applying Schnorr signatures to Bitcoin requires a soft fork consensus change. As of 2019, someone has proposed a Schnorr signature design scheme suitable for Bitcoin [50]. As of early 2019, the required soft fork consensus changes are still in the design stage.

2. The TokenAgeConsumed indicator, which measures whether investors transfer their tokens, has also remained relatively stable. This indicator represents the number of tokens transferBitcoin mining pool listred to the address on a specific date multiplied by the number of days since the last move. Peaks usually indicate that a large number of tokens are transferred after a period of inactivity.