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In 2008, when the huge credit system in the Latest Bitcoin priceglobal economy was on the verge of collapse, governments of various countries joined forces to reinvigorate the credit system by introducing quantitative easing policies, that is, printing money. In the medium and long term, although this unconventional monetary method may avoid the Great Depression in the 21st century, in the long term, it will eventually weaken the viability of capitalism.

Regarding the Bitcoin plunge, Liu Feng, director of the Blockchain Technology and Application Research Center of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Change Management, University of International Business and Economics, analyzed that it is mainly affected by three factors. From a macro perspective, virtual tokens are still affected. The global economic environment is affected. At present, in the context of the economic downturn caused by many black swan events in the global economy, virtual tokens cannot stand alone.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are emerging at the same time. Satoshi Nakamoto's goal is to turn Bitcoin into a digital cash, and the underlying technology that supports the generation and operation of this digital cash is the blockchain. But with the gradual development in the later period, great changes have taken place between the two. Today Bitcoin is still the original Bitcoin, but the blockchain technology has undergone continuous innovation and evolution, and it is no longer just the original blockchain. The development of the blockchain has not only developed Ethereum that supports smart contracts and various different forms of blockchain since then, but also evolved more digital financial products and even new business models. All these developments have had a huge impact on the development of Bitcoin. Judging from the development so far, the development of blockchain technology is accelerating to lead to the end of Bitcoin.

When Cyprus fell into a banking crisis in March 2013, Bitcoin enthusiasts seemed to be taking stimulants. Since then, the price of Bitcoin has risen by 87%. Because of this connection, the Bitcoin community often pays attention to some banking industries. It seems that these news are the biggest positive for Bitcoin.

However, if you put the same energy, time and money on human-computer interaction, such as the Bitcoin community that focuses on machine mining, the effect may be quite different. As long as you install the client, set up the mining machine, and access the mining pool, once the block is generated, Bitcoin will be credited to the account instantly. This is a benefit transfer chain with a very short feedback cycle and a high success rate. Only under the stimulus of this continuous positive feedback of the Bitcoin network, we have seen the Bitcoin community composed of vested interests gathered due to the scattered wealth. Although this community is a bit different from what people imagined-its main interaction is between people and computers, not between other community members, but it doesn't matter. In this area where individual differences are too large and common memories are weak In the ages, the depth of communication between strangers has already degraded to be no different from human-computer interaction (except for quarrels), just like various OTC legal currency trading areas, people use automatic replies and transfers to each other. Interaction makes the author often wonder if I am dealing with machines.

Simplicity is not a human-Latest Bitcoin pricereadable language, so someone may need to develop a language to compile it and then make it available to ordinary developers. In addition, the development of a smart contract design platform compatible with the UTXO model also requires a lot of research.

Patrick Barton, Commercial Development Manager of CoinATMRadar, told a blockchain reporter that according to the survey, the average transaction value of people buying Bitcoin is $100, and the average transaction value of selling Bitcoin is $200—this shows that there are many people. By using an ATM machine, own Bitcoin for the first time.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton) and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) Chairman jointly published an article stating that the SEC has invested major resources in the ICO market. The committee also issued an investor guide last summer, warning of the risks that ICOs may pose.

On a Monday in early September, Kathryn Haun looked very excited. Her green eyes sparkled. She has reason to be excited. As a venture capitalist with such a short debut, her personal office in Andreessen Horowitz was not even ready for her to settle in, but her first "very amateur" angel investment has already blossomed.