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1. Historically low interest rates. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed that in the foreseeable future, we can expect interest rates close to zero, which will haveBitcoin 1 million a negative impact on investors' fixed income portfolio in bonds and treasury bonds, and create space for alternative investment.

According to currency world data, on December 7, US Eastern time, the change of gray trust position data is as follows:

According to golden fruit data, in the past four hours, the long short ratio of BTC contracts was 48.9% long and 51.1% short. Note: the trading long short ratio of the whole network mainly reflects the proportion of the trading volume of active buying and selling in the total trading volume in different time periods.

Maker ranked first with 19.38% of the total value of $2.76 billion, with wbtc's total value of locked assets of $2.28 billion and compound's total value of $1.67 billion.

Okex issued a notice on opening the withdrawal function and other related matters, and the company will open the free withdrawal before November 27, 2020.

According to aicoin data: Bitcoin 1 millionfrom 14:30 to 14:55 today, okexbtc completed six contracts in the current quarter, with a total of 11.438 million US dollars of large orders, with an average purchase price of 19749.82 US dollars.